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Senior Capstones: Accessing Previous Capstones

A support page for conducting research, submitting, and accessing senior capstones.

Accessing Digital Capstones

Capstones from the Class of 2020 onward that have a copyright agreement indicating Open Access/Online Access permission from the author are kept in the Senior Capstone Collection on the Witherill Library Digital Collections.

The digital collections are only accessible by current students, faculty, and librarians by using your Cazenovia College email address and password. If you’re not already logged in to the network when you click on this link, it will ask you to enter your Cazenovia College email address and password before taking you to the site.

Below is a video tutorial that demonstrates how to navigate the digital collections' website.

Accessing Print Capstones

The library holds senior capstones produced by Cazenovia College students from 1992 onward. Capstones with signed copyright forms are printed, bound, and placed in the library collection: current Cazenovia College students have access to those from 2016-2017 onward for in library use only.

Older editions of capstones and capstones without a signed copyright form are placed in library storage. Only current Cazenovia College faculty and staff have access to these capstones for assessment purposes.

Alumni may also access their capstones (see section below labeled "Alumni Access to Capstones").

Alumni Access to Capstones

Alumni may access their capstone paper by submitting a Senior Capstone Request Form to Witherill Library. A librarian must review the form before emailing the requested capstone. Capstones will be provided to alumni by request only and will only be provided to the original author(s) of the capstone. Requests can only be fulfilled if the requested capstone was originally submitted to the library by the student or their faculty. The capstone and any additional media submitted together will be provided to the alumnus by email, saved as a PDF file. A print copy of the capstone can be provided to the alumnus if necessary, by first-class mail only.

Allow 2-5 business days for processing or longer if requested by mail. Requests made at the beginning or end of a semester, near a holiday, or during a library closure will take longer to fulfill.

Contact Witherill Library by phone at 315-655-7240 or by email at with questions or to obtain a Senior Capstone Request Form.