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Continuing Education and Distance Learning: Writing & Citing

Guide on how to do research and use the Cazenovia College Library as a continuing education or distance learning student.

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center

Did you know that the Center for Teaching and Learning offers writing help to students?  You can sign up for an appointment with a professional writing tutor in Watts Hall. 

Writing tutors are available Monday-Friday.  For exact hours and to choose a tutor, consult their schedule.

Due to high demand, the professional writing tutors typically require appointments.

What is Citation?

By citing, you can avoid accidentally plagiarizing, or taking credit for the work or ideas of others.  It also makes it easier for your audience to find the source you are discussing, if it sparks their interest.  Whenever you are quoting or summarizing another work, you should always cite it.  There are many different citation styles.  The most common are MLA, APA and Chicago style.  If you are uncertain which citation style to use for your paper or project, ask your professor which one they prefer.

Popular Citation Books

Online Guides

Did you know...?

Most databases will cite a source for you! Below is an example of the "Cite" option that shows up once you choose an article, book, or other source from one of our databases.

image shows where to cite in proquest

While citation generators are helpful, remember that they are still imperfect! Therefore, you must still proofread and correct any mistakes before adding a citation to your project.